Shamsuzzaman Dudu is disappeared under crore of taka; Sharif has been survived for the money

Shamsuzzaman Dudu is disappeared under crore of taka; Sharif has been survived for the money

News Desk:

Shamsuzzaman Dudu is the Vice-Chairman of BNP and General Secretary of Central Krishok Dol. He collected nomination form for 11th National Parliamentary Election. He wanted to take part in the election from Chuadanga-1 constituency but he did not get the nomination. Sharifuzzaman Sharif of District BNP has got the nomination from this constituency. Source informed that, he spend almost one and half crore taka to get the nomination. Though, dedicated leader Shamsuzzaman Dudu defeated by the business of Tarique still Sharif has been survived. This made local BNP activists very angry.

Many local leaders who supports Dudu has confirmed the information that, Dudu was the Vice-Chairman of BNP still he did not get the nomination just because of the business idea of Tarique. They did not want to reveal their names for safety purpose. But, supporters of Dudu commented that, they never thought that a dedicated leader like Dudu will not be nominated.

It has been informed, Dudu was certain that he will get the nomination for Chuadanga-1 constituency. He was also getting prepared for that. He sat with his supporters in numbers of meetings. But, he got confused when Sharifuzzaman Sharif started frequent travels to London. Finally, Sharif got the nomination instead of Dudu.

A close person of Dudu used the reference of UK BNP President Abdul Malik and he said, “We have been informed that, Sharifuzzaman Sharif has bought his nomination from Tarique Rahman. He is not popular in that constituency. Tarique sir (Tarique Rahman) has insulted a dedicated leader like Dudu just because of money. We will take our revenge. Nomination is not the biggest part, getting the support of mass people is the most important thing. We work for BNP that does not mean that we lost our ability to speak. We will clear out our stand on the day of the election on 30th December.

Meanwhile, Shamsuzzaman Dudu was not the only victim of this business. The whole country have been effected by this. Dedicated leaders did not get the nomination. Many senior leaders, former ministers and their family member was cut off from the list. Their supporters destroyed party offices out of anger. Civil society is thinking that it is a very bad sign for BNP.